Working Papers


Birge, John; Hortaçsu, Ali; Mercadal, Ignacia; Pavlin, Michael

Limits to Arbitrage in Electricity Markets: A case study of MISO (Journal Article)

Working Paper, 2017.

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 Published Papers


Birge, John; Hortaçsu, Ali; Pavlin, Michael

Inverse optimization for the recovery of market structure from market outcomes: an application to the MISO electricity market (Journal Article)

Operations Research, Forthcoming , 2017.

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Pavlin, Michael

Dual Bounds of a Service Level Assignment Problem with Applications to Efficient Pricing (Journal Article)

European Journal of Operational Research, Forthcoming , 2017.

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Afeche, Philipp; Pavlin, Michael

Optimal price-lead time menus for queues with customer choice: Priorities, pooling & strategic delay (Journal Article)

Management Science, Forthcoming , 2015.

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Mahmudi, Hamed; Pavlin, Michael

Corporate payout policy, cash savings, and the cost of consistency: Evidence from a structural estimation (Journal Article)

Financial Management, 42 (4), pp. 843–874, 2013.

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Hu, Ming; Pavlin, Michael; Shi, Mengze

When gray markets have silver linings: all-unit discounts, gray markets, and channel management (Journal Article)

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 15 (2), pp. 250–262, 2013.

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