Teaching & Students


I teach business analytics courses at the BBA and MBA levels (BU425 and BU665). These courses examine how to leverage advanced techniques from statistics, machine learning and operations research to understand business data and make better business decisions. Both courses are designed around a core project that can be customized to your interests.

I will be teaching both of these courses next winter. The courses were designed to fit into the LSBE curriculums but I have had students from quite different backgrounds (e.g. Biology) who have enjoyed the course. If you are interested in learning more, have questions or would like to see the syllabus please send me an email.

MSc and PhD

For our MSc and PhD research based graduate programs we welcome students from a broad set of technical backgrounds not limited to Business, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics and Operations Research…

The ODS area has a diverse set of faculty members interested in topics including innovation, healthcare operations, operations research and supply chain management. In particular, I am looking for students to pursue projects on the:

  • Analysis of energy markets,
  • Analysis of medical referral networks.

If you have questions about the program please contact myself or someone in the research office.